Optimizing the healing environment

With Trane you can enhance your healthcare facility’s physical environment and improve its financial and clinical performance. Our approach links patient outcomes, staff satisfaction and the bottom line.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Trane technology improves indoor air quality to benefit your patient's health and recovery and improve the experience of your healthcare facility.

Trane has helped thousands of healthcare partners optimize their healing environments to improve patient outcomes, increase staff satisfaction and achieve better financial and operational performance through sustainable improvements in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), humidity and moisture control, acoustics and energy efficiency.

Trane can design, build, install and maintain HVAC systems to meet specific needs anywhere in the healthcare environment. Our comprehensive, solution-driven approach ensures that you get the right systems, controls and maintenance to support your productivity.  

Improved profitability

Trane HVAC solutions are designed for efficiency and affordability, from installation or retrofit to the lifetime it spends in your facility. Every Trane unit is designed for easy installation.

Highly efficient equipment with legendary Trane reliability extends cost savings long past installation. Trane engineering and manufacturing processes ensure each unit is efficient and reliable — reducing the need for maintenance over the equipment’s lifetime.  

Improved Staff Satisfaction

Your staff benefit from an environment where they can feel comfortable. Trane equipment is designed to improve temperature control and consistency, reduce noise levels and increase IAQ in your healthcare facility, which can lead to higher staff satisfaction, productivity and retention.

High Reliability and Low Maintenance

Trane reliability is designed into every system for reduced maintenance needs and costs, maximum system uptime and increased occupant comfort. When maintenance or service is needed, thoughtful engineering helps make procedures faster and easier.  

Understanding hospital cooling and heating needs

A smooth-running HVAC system is critical for hospitals. From staff comfort to patients’ care, it has a positive effect on your operation and your bottom line. Trane has decades of experience in hospitals and understands how to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort. Trane has the expertise to help you design, build, install and maintain sustainable HVAC systems regardless of seasonal temperature variations.
We have expertise in emerging areas like distributed energy resources, digital connected technologies, and strategic energy supply and demand management. At Trane, we know that we can make a positive impact, and that is why we provide industry-leading efficiencies, sustainable solutions, world-class building automation systems and a complete energy services portfolio designed to maximize your facility potential.


A global approach including ice storage , free cooling, heat recovery and variable flow ensure that healthcare operations run smoothly regardless of high ambient temperatures. Capacity reduction during cooler weather enables substantial energy savings.

Sanitary Hot Water

Trane installations allow boilers to be stopped during summer and thermodynamic boilers to be used up to 80°C to produce sanitary hot water at a fraction of the normal cost.

Sustainable portfolio

Trane portfolio comprises innovative air- and water-cooled platforms designed to minimize environmental impact and meet environmental goals. HFO refrigerant is available on all Trane units (150 kW to 14 MW).


Where planned shutdowns or emergencies occur, Trane Rental Services have the expertise and equipment to substantially mitigate risk to patients and staff. Trane delivers reliable and cost-effective rental solutions for healthcare facilities with varying levels of design complexity to help you sustain the HVAC capacity you need. 

Start Services helps ensure that newly installed systems operate with optimal performance.

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